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New NO NAP ALERTS BY BEEP OR VIBRATE CHOOSE THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE ALERTED NO NAP HAS BOTH TYPES OF ALERT IN A UNIT Finally, an intelligent device No Nap / Nap zapper / Nap alarm to help prevent drivers falling asleep at the wheel.

Road safety first. This should be the priority of all the drivers to avoid accidents.

Chances are you too have driven while drowsy. Sleep researchers at the Liberty Mutual Research Institute in Hopkinton, Mass., estimate that every day 250,000 Americans drive while sleep-deprived. For someone operating a motor vehicle, sleep deprivation can be as dangerous as driving intoxicated

Micro-sleep occurs when you nod off for a second or a few seconds, often without even being aware of it. Concern over fatigue while operating a fast-moving vehicle isn't confined to the highways. One in six fatal traffic accidents results from drowsy driving, show reports Heading home after an overtime shift and the eyelids flutter. Up all night with a sick baby and you rest your eyes for just a moment on the way to dropping off the kids at school. Drowsy drivers often make it safely to their destination, but for some, the consequences are devastating. Fatique can be fatal.At this moment you need a safety gadget that can warn you and your co-passengers of your condition.

No Nap is a inexpensive automobile safety device, that prevents drivers falling asleep at the wheel. This intelligent device is designed to detect when the driver is in danger of DOZING off and immediately alerts him/ co? passengers. Prevents a potential crash. The light weight gadget fits over drivers ear and triggers alert buzzer observing the drivers drowsiness. No Nap is essential safety device a MUST HAVE on all road travels.

Hit the road with this tech tool small, light-weight and yet powerful device called the No Nap / Nap zapper/ Nap alarm.

Fitting on your ear, in the same way a Bluetooth device would, the no-nap senses when you become drowsy and sets of a little alarm, alerting you and other passengers to your state.

No Nap/Nap zapper/ Nap Alarm is a must-have for all journeys and its revolutionary approach has been helping prevent accidents everywhere.

dozing Drivers do not brake before a crash impact is at high speed which can be fatal - cheap solution to prevent sleeping drivers
- light weight and easily worn
- alerts driver and passengers to drivers state

This rare product is the only one of its kind, and has been helping people everywhere, avoid nasty incidents


Road traffic injuries are a deadly scourge, taking the lives of 1.2 million men, women and children around the world each year. That equates to around 3,300 people killed in road crashes every single day -- more than two a minute.


Drowsy driving s just as deadly as drunken driving, Children playing, people taking a walk have been victims of such accidents.

WITH so many accidents claiming lives, we look like a helpless lot. Almost everyone has lost someone precious to a road accident. There is, therefore, need for special emphasis on road safety specially drowsy driving.Awake and drive There will be sleep enough in the grave

Can you prevent this from happening to you ? YES ! by using NoNap.
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Driver safety is paramount, with the nap zappar you can prevent sleeping whilst driving because of fatigue in the USA, Canada and UK. Stop yourself falling asleep whilst driving and increase road and driver safety - stop fatigue and dont fall asleep whilst driving.

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Stop yourself falling asleep whilst driving.
"I received the No Naps. What a GREAT product. You really should advertise as I feel it should be required of all highway drivers, especially truckers. I will be referring friends and relatives." Thanks."

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For Rs 550 you can have a safety device that will be a boon for drivers. Here's your chance to save your or s omeone else's life.
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